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My Teaching Home Studio

If you decide that you’d like to study with me then you’ll need to travel to my teaching home studio in Exmouth. When I first started teaching there some 11 years ago it was little more than a shabby garage with a hastily installed wooden floor and lighting, in need of some serious work! It’s changed since then.

Now it is fully heated, insulated and equipped with:
James shipway guitar home studio

  • A range of guitar amps
  • Electric and acoustic guitars
  • Acoustic treatment so the room “sounds good”
  • Extensive collection of music books and recordings
  • iMac based recording studio with virtual software and drum loops for use in lessons
  • WiFi internet, for access to songs you want to learn, backing tracks and any other online resources
  • All necessary cables, stands and accessories.

All you need to bring is your guitar and lesson notes!